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About Me:
I am located in South Central Pennsylvania. I am a novice border collie breeder, so I am expecting to breed my first litter of border collie pups in Spring 2009 if everything goes successfully.
In the interim, I am intending to get Shianne started into obedience and agility, with the intent to see how far she can go. Hopefully we will excel in all that we do!

About our dogs:
Sketcher is out of ABCA Cola Classic and ABCA Jewel.
Sketcher is our red factored, blue merle stud. His lines are both from imported and US stock. He has great temperament, conformation and lots of energy. He is ABCA registered, and we are currently seeking AKC and IBCA registration on him as well. His lines go back to ##Wiston Cap,  ##Wisp and #Dryden Joe as well as Imported Tan and Gilchrist #Spot's lines.
He is sound, healthy active and eager to please. I am aware of no genetic defects in his lines.
He is a great family dog, with lots of color and should produce sound, healthy pups with great conformation, temperament and sports ability as I see it.
It is my observation and opinion that his intelligence (or as some would call it tractability) is well above average than the norm for border collies.

Shianne is out of Grace’s Phire and Imported Ben.
She is a blue and white female with tan points. Her lines are from both imported and domestic stock as well. She is a small girl with a great temperament who aims to please.
She is more agile than I would have thought any dog could be. I am hoping she will excel when I get her into agility classes and win some titles!
Shianne is IBCA registered and we are seeking dual registration on her as well. Her registered name is Wildrose’s Blue Feather. Her lines go back to Imp. Amazing Grace, daughter of Paul Turnbull's #Nap, English National Champion, and granddaughter of Aled Owen's #Ben,  and Imported Ben (Son of Aled Owen’s Bill, son of ## Bob, International Supreme Champion and World Herding Champion in 2002) .

And last but by no means least!!!!

Our other family pets
In addition to our two mating hopefuls, our home is currently graced with two other dogs. A black and white border collie, Bailey and a cocker spaniel aptly named Filtho. These guys are glorified lap dogs and that is the way both they and I like it!

My philosophy:
In the short time since I have decided to breed my dogs, I have noticed a rather disgusting trend online where people have belittled and harassed me because of my desire to breed Sketcher and Shianne. Some people are so full of politics that they don’t bother to listen. To those who have done so, my only reply is this:
I have belittled or berated no one for following their desire or dreams in breeding their dogs or contributing to the well being of the breed. My stand may be different than yours BUT I believe we all have a vision of what we would like to accomplish. You do your thing, leave me alone and I will do likewise.
In the midst of the belittlement, no one even bothered to ask me what my goals were. So here they are for the record.
I have taken 3 years to come to the decision to breed Sketcher. This is not something I have just jumped into without thought.
When I set out looking for my breed bitch, I had specific criteria that I was looking for in her. She has met and exceeded that criteria.
I intend to breed 1 litter per year perhaps every other year, should my pups prove worthy after the first litter.
I will have contracts!
I will require limited registration on the majority of my pups. This means that buyers will have no breeding right/registration rights granted to my pups. This means they will be going to “pet only” homes with a spay or neuter contract.
Only a select few individuals will be able to have breeding rights to my pups. And this will be at MY discretion and contingent on evaluation of the over all dog.
I will attempt to place pups before they are born. I already have four homes lined up for pups, and unless an accident happens, they won’t even breed until 2009.
I will give health guarantees for genetic defects proven by a veterinarian.
I will take back or assist in the placement of any puppies that do not “work out” in their new homes. Although I may not be able to physically take the dog back due to number limitations in my borough, I WILL assist in the placement of the dogs.
I will give advice during the transition period of the puppy going home.
I will screen prospective buyers, and if I do not get a good feel for the buyers, I will not sell my puppies to them. Period.
I will not make promises that I cannot hold up to.
So in short, I will deal honestly and professionally with people, and will guarantee my pups.
The only guarantee that I will not make with my dogs is that they will herd, because even top herding breeders can’t guarantee that a dog will show even an interest in herding. That all depends on the dog.

My stance:
I do not believe it is right for any registry or its members to slander or debase other individuals. I do not believe it is right for any registry to disclose personal information about their members. I do not believe it is right for well known registries, or their directors to act in a manner that is less than professional.
I do not believe it is right for one registry to demean or belittle other registries.
I do not follow the hype that the AKC is ruining breeds, that responsibility falls to the breed clubs.
I do not follow or agree with the hype or the rumors that the CKC, IBCA, ADBA or other registries are “puppy mill” registries. I am not a puppy mill, my dogs are not the products of puppy mills and to make sweeping accusations is incorrect.
There are plethera of reasons people do not register with the AKC or other well known registries. Some of those reasons are as simple as the individual waited too long to send in the paperwork, and registration with another registry was cheaper than registration with another.
So to those who wish to make sweeping accusations, my comment is this…You do not know me, you do not know my dogs. When you do so, then you may judge me. Until then, I ask that you give me the respect you would want me to show you.
Proud to have served our great Nation so that others may have the RIGHT to the 1st Ammendment. US Army Veteran 1993 to 2001. If you have can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this and complain about it freely, thank a Soldier!!!!!

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