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Cherokee Rose Border Collies


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More of our wonderful Border Collies.

These were 6 of our 7 original Border Collies.  We haven't located a picture of Zoey yet, but we will post it as soon as we do.  These were all registered with the AIBC.

This is Annabelle.  She is on the top of this page because Anna was tops in our book.  I never once heard her growl.  She was the ultimate Mother to all of the dogs.  She could whip a wild pup into shape with her mere presence.  Anna was the daughter of Bear and Zelda.  We named her Annabelle after Lucille Ball.  Annabelle was a wild puppy, but she outgrew all of that and was pure joy to live with.


This is Bear.  He is a grandson of ##Wiston Cap.  We bought Bear in 1986.  He was the best Border Collie anyone could ever hope for. 


This is Tess on our farm in Asheville, NC.  Tess was a granddaughter of Sagebrush Sage and her lines go back to some great North Carolina working dogs on her mother's side.  Tess carried the red gene.  She produced both sheep and cowdogs.  She will always be in our hearts.


This is our Zelda.  She was named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda.  Zelda was a fabulous loving dog.  She also carried the red gene.  Zellie was a greatgranddaughter of Ada Karrasch's great trial dog, Nan.  Her lines also go back to McTier's #Ben.  We are sure she is waiting for us over the rainbow bridge.


This is Benjamin Frank.  He was named after my greatgreatgrandfather.  We called him Ben.  Ben was a chocolate sable merle.  He produced the greatest cowdogs!!  His lines go back to the Kuykendall's Rock and Salt and Sue Noll's dogs in Colorado.


This is Miss Kate.  She was named after my greatgrandmother.  Kate's lines go back to #Dryden Joe.  She was the ultimate house dog.  Kate loved to play hide and seek and could talk in long sentences.  She was the perfect Border Collie.


"The difference between a great and a timeless champion is the genetic ability to recreate."

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