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Available Feeds
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My name is Michael Epps, and I am the owner of Backyard Feeds.  I have worked at Sunshine Mills, the largest dogfood manufacturer in Virginia, for several years now as well.  When I began working there, I thought dogfood was dogfood...I did not realize the difference.  I have since learned a great deal about the varied brands and what makes each one different; I have been involved in the process of seeing how the feed is made, knowing the ingredients, and working with many knowledgable customers and learning from them as well.  Now I am in a position to pass my knowledge on to others through my business.  I started Backyard Feeds to give the customer a variety of choices at the best possible prices.  The business has been a success from the beginning and is growing every day.  I not only provide feed to those in my local area, but also have the ability to ship loads nationwide.  Backyard Feeds has been an exciting and rewarding opportunity for me and I would love to be your feed supplier.  Please contact me with any questions; I look forward to doing business with you!